South Downs – 250317

Andrew got in touch after a prolonged period of time off mountain biking. He still kept fit with running for marathon training, and rides road bikes often, but wanted to get back on the mountain bike, We arranged a ride of around 20 miles over the eastern end of The South Downs.

With easy parking and coffee available we started from Berwick Station, riding west and up one of the Scarps near Firle, and rode along The South Downs Way until Alfriston, from where we headed up into the heath near Friston Forest, and looped into the single track that runs across the Forest.

We then took the South Downs Way for a short while and dropped down Windover Hill and back round to Berwick. We had an absolutely beautiful day of blue skies and sunshine, which this early in the year was a real blessing. Spring Lambs where spotted jumping around the fields, and we saw a few other riders enjoying the weather and trails. The ride was a real mix of faster gravel tracks to warm up on, then some efficient and character building (ahem) climbs to the top, with fast swoop downhills and some prolonged single track in Friston, finished off with a super fast, chalky downhill.

Down the single track in Friston Forest

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