Simplon Test Ride

Offered the chance to ride two different full suspension bikes, I spent a good morning doing my duties as a Mountain Bike Guide, showing Kevin at Simplon UK around my favourite bits of the South Downs. Kevin bought the Simplon Cirex 120 and Rapcon 140 – both throughly capable bikes for different applications.

The Rapcon has a playful, sure footed ride – this is due to the large print of the 27.5+ tyres. For those wondering what the ‘+’ means, it’s a 27.5 tyre, in a 2.8″ size – this adds some extra volume for grip and comfort, but also increases the wheel size to be near a 29″ (The jury is still out on how much it improves things, but 2.8 is about as big as you’d want to go – have a read of a in-depth look by Enduro Mtb).

With the 140mm travel, carbon frame and the grippy tyres, its definitely happier downhill, but rolls nicely along the single track. It’s got a fairly standard head angle and the handling is more all day single track than out and out ‘enduro’ – perfect for the 20 odd miles of trails we got to enjoy in some early spring sunshine.

The Cirex is a more XC orientated beast – its just makes you want to smash out miles of trails until your legs go pop. Lightweight, 1×12 SRAM drivetrain and full carbon frame, with a unique pivot – look at the site for it in more detail.
If you wanted to ride the whole of the South Downs Way or a long trail in a day, this would be a really great choice to do it on.

Thanks to Kevin for bringing the bikes down, to The South Downs, and taking the pictures.

You can find out more about Simplon UK on their Instagram and @simplonbikes or on Simplon Facebook

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