2017 South Downs Way (2 days)

With the recent spell of dry, warm weather I’ve been asked by a few people if I could guide the South Downs Way (29-30th July). Its a great long distance ride, and you travel across a mix of countryside, with some stunning views and a real mix of trails from fast, open double track, to single track and open downland.

Leaving Winchester Saturday morning (with easy train access from London), and heading for around halfway point in Amberley, staying at a very comfortable bunkhouse or hostel, with all you’d need after a good day in the saddle – showers, comfy bed and plenty of places to eat. Breakfast provided the next day, we’d continue the South Downs Way, stopping for lunch at a good pub and finish in Eastbourne, with trains back to London.

Approx cost per person:
£175 including overnight stay and breakfast sunday. Travel is additional and to be arranged by rider.

What you’ll need
You need to be comfortable riding around 50 miles a day back to back, we aren’t rushing and its not a race, but its still a challenge if you aren’t used to that. You’ll also need to carry water and lunch – which I can provide for the first day if you’d like – I’ll be carrying most spares, but if you have a bike with a specific part that isn’t common (like a dropout) bring one of those.

A hardtail will be fine if you are used to riding it over that distance, but a well maintained bike is the crucial part.
Good padded shorts will make a heap of difference. Bring a change of riding shorts for the next day ideally, and a waterproof. You are welcome to bring a light change of clothes, but that is extra weight to carry, so just a lightweight down jacket or similar is a good compromise. I’m happy to advice on kit if you have any specific questions.

We start and finish 100 miles apart, so you’d need to make sure you have transport in place at the end to get you home. Leaving a car at Eastbourne and getting the train to Winchester is an option on Saturday morning, or get the train both ways.

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